Chinese horoscope 7 january 2020

According to the Feng Shui principles, blue can be used best in the south-eastern area, which is associated with prosperity and wealth.

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Blue should be avoided on the ceiling and roof because it is considered that water, once it reaches the maximal point, starts to flow downwards and to destroy everything in its path. You can use this color in the bathroom and office. Due to this color, children who study in a room where blue is predominant have high performances, as proven by many studies.

Blue color can be used to paint the walls, as furniture parts, paintings, and accessories. Blue facilitates restful sleep and it attracts a peaceful state of mind. By wearing lucky colors and talismans, this year you will surely manage to avoid negative events, and additionally, you will look great by elegantly accessorizing your outfit. Green attracts peace, joy, and understanding, and it is associated with rejuvenation.

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Also, it can be used at the office because it attracts prosperity. Regardless of the chosen shade, you can use it for the curtains that could have a floral pattern, the bed-linens, green shelves, and stools, as a wardrobe with green doors or you can paint one or all the walls in this color or you can decorate them with some joyful printed wallpaper. Because green is a color of prosperity, the room where it fits best is the kitchen.

The best colors for the house are ivory and white because they are the most proper for the optical nerve and they symbolize light, the heart of the people. At the same time, white furniture is a symbol of hope.

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Also, a light-colored wood or a burlywood color is indicated because it can easily stimulate inspiration, wisdom, and focus on studies. Strident colors or a very wide chromatic variety is not recommended to impede the occurrence of some negative influences such as:. The colors of in terms of home decor will be inspired by the sea. Therefore, blue is the center of attention, but also the green shades.

Choosing the ocean to define the colors of this year is referring to having a fluidity of colors, depth, and complexity. Other sea-inspired shades include sandy white, deep black and oxygenated, colder green. Overall, this is a pallet inspired by nature and it is so varied that no one will feel restricted to a single color choice.

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In conclusion, the colors of the year can be used for different material and products, starting from clothes for women and men, accessories, casual or sports bags or interior design items. Color harmony and mixing schemes progress to display stronger color contrasts: turquoise with gray or bright orange.

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