19 february sign horoscope

From today, you will be better placed to make decisions that are more meaningful in your life. Your zodiac sign is Pisces. Your astrological symbol is Fish. This symbol caters for all those born between February 19 and March The celestial body Neptune rules over your life. Through its influence, you are able to manifest more artistry and creativity in life. Water is the cardinal element in your life.

This element has a major influence on your emotions. It acts alongside Earth, Fire, and Air to control your feelings. The February 19 zodiac people belong to the Aquarius-Pisces Cusp.

February 19 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

We refer to this as the Cusp of Sensitivity. The cusp enables you to be passionate about your ideas. In fact, you have so much passion in your ideas that you often get lost in their details. However, this enables you to be a trendsetter in your sphere of influence. People on the Cusp of Sensitivity are visionaries. You are acutely aware of the suffering of your fellow human beings.

February 19th Birthday Horoscope 12222-2020

In fact, you immerse yourself in humanitarian projects in a bid to rectify their plight. Your astrological charts indicate that you like taking care of your physical fitness. However, you need to be careful not to catch addictions. The stars show that you are prone to this kind of a problem. The February 19 zodiac lovers are adventurous as well as creative.

You like discovering new partners, especially if they prove to be exciting. However, you shy away from commitments. You like the no-strings-attached kind of a relationship. Make your partners understand this from the onset. Interestingly, sometimes you do get love-struck. When this happens, the object of your love becomes the center of your world.

The moon enters Cancer today.

Your whole world revolves around them, and people cannot help but notice this. You do not need much time to commit yourself to a partner. For you, love-at-first-sight does it! When this happens, your lover can expect to get your full attention. You are prone to fits of jealousy.

What does the star sign Pisces mean?

This is not healthy, as your lover might perceive you to be too possessive. It is always wise to love in moderation.

Planetary Row

You feel attracted to people who share your characteristics. Your ideal partner is passionate, unpredictable, attractive, and energetic. A tendency to become discouraged or get stuck in a rut may sometimes deter you from putting in the hard work, perseverance, and determination needed to achieve your objectives.

When positive and optimistic, however, you are capable of inspired thinking and determination. With your sense of justice and compassion, you have strong convictions and will often stand up for your ideals or fight for others. Until you reach the age of thirty, when your progressed Sun moves through Pisces, your emotional sensitivity is enhanced, making you imaginative, receptive, and aware of your social peer group.

You may become visionary or interested in developing creative or spiritual talents. There is a turning point at age thirty-one, when your progressed Sun enters Aries. Your ambition and determination become more apparent and you begin to really come into your own. You may be involved in starting new projects or pioneering new ideas. Another change of emphasis occurs at age sixty-one, when your progressed Sun enters Taurus, highlighting a greater need for financial stability, security, and emotional steadiness. Fom Al Haut is one of the four royal stars and marks the winter solstice.

Fom Al Haut is an especially powerful star and thus bestows good fortune, success, and a keen mentality. This star may also indicate a need to change from a material view to a more spiritual one. Easily influenced by your environment, you are self-seeking and may need to find creative self-expression. This star also suggests that legacies and inheritance can be expected, but warns against squandering or spending them quickly. With an inner desire for self-expression, you may become attracted to writing, art, music, or drama, whether professionally or for relaxation.

Taking a light and creative approach to problem solving helps you avoid worry and indecision. Advantages and opportunities can come from unexpected sources and may appear fairly minor, but they should not be ignored, as they may often turn out to be significant to you later. You are overly sensitive, and it takes its toll on you. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Pisceans born on February 19 can be naive and therefore, depending on the situation, your feelings are hurt as a result, and you cry about it. You will shut yourself down, not having anything to do with anybody.

This is a turn-off for some people. Pisces, with zodiac birthday 19 February, you have to use your head when it comes to accepting what someone is telling you. This does not have to be a life-changing situation. Do not dwell on it. Learn from it and move on.

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Not everyone intends to deceive you. You have true friends that will be there for you.


Those with a February 19 birthday are people that will listen to others. As they divulge their innermost thoughts and Pisces will weep with you. On your good days, you love a good party. You are a giver. When you form friendships they last. Your love life, Pisces, can be filled with romance because of your creative nature.


Pisces Dates of Birth

You love to be in love and with the right person — you can do many things. This person or mate will need to be strong and realistic. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!!

You have to though, Pisces, take things slow and easy. I know you want a fairy tale relationship, but as it is, it only happens in the movies. Test Now! Your zodiac birthday analysis also shows that as a young child, you daydreamed a lot. You were influenced by your surroundings, which made you the sensitive person you have become today, Pisces. You do not mind public displays of affection. Subsequently, you are not afraid to show your love. You are sometimes observant and, notice things others do not.