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This time will bring a bigger and better experience.

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It will be as if the universe saved all its goodies to one year, to make up for all that you've gone through in recent years. This Spring and Summer, you do have some sweet aspects too. Your friends are the golden area of your chart, and it's clear that if you would like to add a number of new friends, you can and would experience quite a bit of personal growth from those new associations.

Your new friends will be successful and very optimistic, ready to help you in any way they can.

In fact, if you need advice, your friends will be the ones most likely to bring you the right answer. For example, if you need a new place to live, advice about the right school to send your child, or a tip about how to buy an appliance at or below retail — go to a friend instead of an expert. You would also benefit from joining a social or professional club, as group activities shine for you. This includes charities and humanitarian efforts, so you may want to volunteer for a cause. Or, if there is a presidential candidate you believe in, roll up your sleeves and become a volunteer on a political campaign.

It could be quite an exciting experience, and you would meet and work alongside like-minded people. If you were looking for love, any of these areas would be fertile ground for meeting someone special. Jupiter will brighten your friendship sector until Aug.

After Jupiter moves into Virgo on Aug. You will then begin your long preparation for your best year of your life, starting Sept. You will need to do some deep thinking and not be distracted. You will need to delete anything in your life that is draining you and that you find no longer satisfying. It will be time to reorder priorities and to draw up new aims.

Your golden year, from late to late , will be no usual year, but one that shimmers like diamonds. Considering how many challenges you've faced recently, you will see the contrast easily. Have faith that you are moving into a period of ease, where you will enjoy better health, an opportunity to travel far and wide, find love and romance, and get favor from VIPs. You will widen your circle of friends and business contacts, and be stimulated by all you experience.

Hold that thought in your mind, as that year will be here before you know it. To become happy, you must think about what would make you happy — sometimes not an easy answer — but one you will need to articulate, and that might take some thinking. Take your time. This Spring and Summer, life will be supersocial before you begin your time of thinking and perhaps hibernation, so it would be a good time to feel glamorous.

If you've not tried false eyelashes, this is the time to do it.

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Ask your favorite salon if they have a makeup artist to do your eye makeup and affix the lashes. There are many types of lashes and different ways to apply them, so you may have experimenting. The final effect is dazzling. You may find that lashes individually applied as opposed to a strip produce the look you like best.

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Venus, the planet of beauty, rules Libra, and you are known to be exquisitely well groomed and put a high premium on good manners. You don't skip brow waxing or manicure-pedicure appointments. While you are at the salon getting ready for a night out, you might want to ask your stylist about a new evening look, perhaps incorporating pretty braids for a very different look than you usually wear. See more. Horoscope Pro NewGeneration Horoscope. Look into the future with our daily free Horoscope app!

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